I’ve been teaching at Melbourne Law School since 2012, and before that at the University of Wollongong, University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University. I’ve taught a lot of different subjects during that time, including Legal Theory, Legal Ethics and Criminal Law. But since 2015, I’ve mostly taught Evidence and Procedure: an amazing course originally designed by Jeremy Gans centered around the case of State v Peterson, as featured in Jean Xavier de Lestrade’s documentary The Staircase and its recent dramatisation starring Colin Firth and Toni Colette. The materials for these courses aren’t mine to share… though do email if you’re interested. But below I’ve gathered the syllabuses for the courses I’ve designed myself, and which more closely track my research interests.

Melbourne Law School

Law and Music 2024 (coming soon)

Science, Technology and the Law 2024 (coming soon)

Law Science and Technology in Global Context 2017, 2018.pdf449.1KB
Law and Justice in Popular Culture 2018.pdf247.2KB
Law and Sound 2016.pdf170.1KB

Harvard Institute of Global Law and Policy

Theorising War in Social and Legal Thought, IGLP Graduate Workshop Madrid, Harvard Law School (2016), with Vasuki Nesiah

Global Science and Technology Studies, IGLP Graduate Workshop Doha, Harvard Law School (2015), with Sheila Jasanoff and Ben Hurlbutt