This is more or less all my published writing. Where possible, I’ve included PDFs in an archive at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, follow the link or email me.


  • James E K Parker, Acoustic Jurisprudence: Listening to the Trial of Simon Bikindi (Oxford University Press, 2015)

edited book

  • James Parker and Joel Stern (eds), Eavesdropping: A Reader (City Gallery, 2019)

edited collections

journal articles

  • James E K Parker with Sean Dockray, ‘’All possible sounds’: speech, music and the emergence of machine listening’ in (2023) Sound Studies
  • James E K Parker, ‘“Forensic Listening” in Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Saydnaya (the missing 19dB)’ (2020) 2 Index
  • James E K Parker and Joel Stern, ‘how are you today by the Manus Recording Project Collective’ (2020) 24 Law Text Culture
  • James E K Parker, ‘A Lexicon of Law and Listening’ in Jindal Law and Humanities Review 1 (2020)
  • James E K Parker, ‘Sonic Lawfare: The Jurisprudence of Weaponised Sound’ (2019) 5 Sound Studies, 1-25
  • James E K Parker, ‘Towards an Acoustic Jurisprudence: Law and the Long Range Acoustic Device’ (2018) 14(2) Law, Culture and the Humanities, 202-218
  • Madelaine Chiam, Sundhya Pahuja and James E K Parker, ‘How To Run a Writing Workshop? On the Cultivation of Scholarly Ethics in ‘Global’ Legal Education’ (2018) Australian Feminist Law Journal
  • James E K Parker, ‘The Soundscape of Justice’ (2011) 20(4) Griffith Law Review, 962-993
  • James E K Parker, ‘Simon Reynolds, Retromania, and the Atemporality of Contemporary “Pop”’ (2012) 2 Discipline 156-164
  • James E K Parker, ‘Spirited Away: Asylum Law and the Institutional Violence of Legal Discourse’, (2007) 11 Law Text Culture, 231-251

book chapters

  • James E K Parker, ‘A Lexicon of Law and Listening’ in HEAR: Law and the Senses (University of Westminster Press, 2023) [previously published in the JLHR]
  • James E K Parker, ‘Listening About Law in the Sonic Arts: John Cage’s 4’33” and Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Saydnaya (the missing 19dB)’ in Shane Chalmers and Sundhya Pahuja (eds.), Routledge Handbook of International Law and the Humanities (Routledge, 2020)
  • James Parker and Joel Stern, ‘Eavesdropping’ in Eavesdropping: A Reader (City Gallery, 2019)
  • James E K Parker, ‘Judging the Rwandan Soundscape’ in Richard K Sherwin and Danielle Celermajer (eds) A Cultural History of Law in the Modern Age (Bloomsbury, 2019)
  • James E K Parker, ‘The Gavel’ in Jessie Hohmann and Daniel Joyce (eds) International Law’s Objects (Oxford University Press, 2018)
  • James E K Parker, ‘Singing the Law’ in Diego Tonus (ed), The Presidents’ Hammers (Roma, 2018)
  • James E K Parker and Nicholas Croggon, ‘The Trouble with Contemporary Music Criticism: Retromania, Retrohistoricism and History’ in How to Write about Music (Bloomsbury, 2015)
  • James E K Parker, ‘The Musicology of Justice’ in M. J. Grant and Ferdia Stone-Davis (eds) The Soundtrack of Conflict: The Role of Music in Radio Broadcasting in Wartime and in Conflict Situations (Olms Verlag, 2013).

published interviews

  • James Parker and Lawrence Abu Hamdan, ‘Forensic Listening as Machine Listening’ Disclaimer (2021)
  • James Parker, Joel Spring and Joel Stern, ‘Hearing Loss’ in Eavesdropping: A Reader (City Gallery, 2019)
  • James Parker, Joel Stern and Samson Young, ‘Muted Situation #5: Muted Chorus’ in Eavesdropping: A Reader (City Gallery, 2019)
  • James E K Parker and Lawrence English. ‘A conversation about Law, Listening and Sound’, Experiments in Listening (Issue 4, 2018) and Sounding Out! (August 21, 2017)


Occasionally I’ll write something for the media, and from 2011-2014 I used to do a bunch of music and art criticism. Here’s a selection:

It’s not exactly a ‘text’, but since we’re talking about music criticism, from 2011-2015, I hosted a radio show on PBS 106.7fm called Far Side Virtual. Here’s a recording of the show’s Vaporwave Special, broadcast on 16 Oct 2012.

PDF archive

Parker and Dockray - 2023 - ‘All possible sounds’ speech, music, and the emer.pdf889.7KB
Parker - 2021 - Listening about law in the sonic arts.pdf181.2KB
Parker - A Lexicon of Law and Listening.pdf310.7KB
Parker - 2020 - A LEXICON OF LAW AND LISTENING.pdf255.0KB
Parker et al. - Contents & Introduction, Law Text Culture, volume .pdf201.7KB
Parker - 2020 - Forensic Listening in Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Saydna.pdf641.5KB
Parker and Stern - how are you today by the Manus Recording Project C.pdf1503.3KB
Parker - 2019 - Sonic lawfare on the jurisprudence of weaponised .pdf1850.8KB
Chiam et al. - 2018 - How to Run a Writing Workshop On the Cultivation .pdf428.2KB
Parker - Gavel - in Objects of International Law.pdf665.3KB
Parker - Codes Judging the Rwandan Soundscape.pdf1000.8KB
Parker - 2015 - Towards an Acoustic Jurisprudence Law and the Lon417.5KB
Acoustic Jurisprudence - Listening to the Trial of Simon Bikindi.pdf2904.8KB
James Parker - The Soundscape of Justice.pdf591.4KB
parker - the musicology of justice.pdf5682.2KB
the trouble with contemporary music criticism.pdf4881.5KB
Parker - 2007 - Spirited away Asylum law and the institutional vi.pdf130.4KB