My current work is on machine listening.

Here’s a piece I wrote with Sean Dockray explaining what I mean by that, and working through some of the field/term’s history.

But this essay comes out of a much larger collaboration with Sean and curator Joel Stern.

Since 2020, we’ve been building a platform for research, curation, and artistic experimentation, focused on new and emerging forms of listening grounded in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We work across diverse media and modes of production. In addition to research, writing, and artworks, we have produced an expanded curriculum, conceived as an experiment in collective learning and community formation; an online library and interview series; numerous on-and-offline events, lectures, performances; and a browser-based instrument for composing with audio and video via text.

Much of the material collected on this site comes out of our collaboration. But you will find the main project page here.

This project is supported by an ARC DECRA.