Improvisation and Control

Institutional partner
CCA NTUUnsound

Ep 4: Improvisation and Control online event, 13 March 2021 Presented by Liquid Architecture, NTU Singapore, and Unsound

curated by Sean Dockray, James Parker and Joel Stern

Staged as part of the NTU CCA Singapore’s recurring Free Jazz exhibition program, this session focuses on the complex and evolving dialectic between improvisation and control, framed via a detour into the experimental computer music laboratories of the 1980s and 1990s where the term ‘machine listening’ first begins to circulate.

00:02:00 Machine Listening, Essay I: Interactive (music) systems 00:15:32 Jessica Feldman 00:42:00 Luca Lum 00:54:02 Machine Listening, Essay II: Rainbow Family 01:07:19 Mattin 01:25:52 Bani Haykal & Lee Weng Choy 01:43:16 Machine Listening, Essay III: DARPA Improv 01:53:22 Bridget Chappell 02:08:20 Lee Gamble